nothin's clearer   <<play>> 

Probenmitschnitt: voc Dirk / Brigitte, guit Dirk / Wilhelm, keys Benni, b Markus, dr Klaus

cosmic elixir, pure limpid grace,
shiny rippling mirrors, a blue marble's face

crawlin' up the fibrous conduits of trees,
fallin' down the bedrocks of rivers and creeks

soluable properties restless in diffusion,
trusting in your subtle bonding, sensing you are corresponding,
force between your molecules acting in collusion, you're
giving way without a lesion, the basic principle's cohesian

wondrous elixir, pure limpid grace,
rippling reflexions, our blue marble’s face

noiseless percolation for thousands of years,
reborn from a crevice, a blue marble’s tears

strange chemical oddities, miracles of nature: soaking solar radiation, cooling by evaporation, the nature of polarity provides a complex texture, at 39.163 the top
specific gravity

music: Oliver Meier & Dirk Hinterlang; lyrics: Dirk Hinterlang