Novalja Boy  <<play>>

Probenmitschnitt 2015: voc Dirk, guit Dirk, b Udo, dr Georg
Probenmitschnitt 2011: voc Yvonne, guit Dirk / Wilhelm, keys Benni, bass Markus, drums Klaus

Navalja boy/girl with your amber eyes you make me long for your sweet little lies. Novalja boy/girl in your clean white shirt you make me yearn for a sweet summer flirt.
You’d be a fine summer souvenir, please leave your counter and come over here!  Novalja boy/girl!

Don’t leave me waiting for you in the sun!
It’s half past noon and fiaka’s begun! -

I take ev’ry chance to ask you for information. Novalja girlthen you’re within my reach.
Won’t you please leave your reception counter and invite me for a walk on the beach.

You’d be a fine summer souvenir, ....

Novalja boy/girl! - Novalja boy/girl! -

music & lyrics: Dirk Hinterlang