All right, if I can   <<play>> 

first-fruits production in 2006:
voc Brigitte, guitars Dirk, keys Beate, bass Oliver, drums progr. Oliver

Stand by the window - your bedroom window!
Please, leave the light on, or I won’t see! Why should I do that? It’s very risky. Please, do not ask, just stand there for me! ‘nd put on that silken nightgown you were describing to me. I will be waiting outside – under the chestnut tree.

All right, if I can – if I can arrange it again.

A diff’rent house this week, a different room. At least there’s space enough to turn around! A spanish bullfight poster on the wall, -a crimson blanket that’s been tossed to the ground. Keep on your silken stockingsand that seducing slim-cut dress! Try to withhold your breathing – your love-making’s sounding like distress

All right, if I can …

He will be looking for me – I’m overdue. He’ll want to know just where I’ve been. Tell him, you urgently needed some air - that you’d been back within an hour again. Let this enhance your pleasure - the sense that you’d get away with this. Feeling this fear forever – is what you desparately miss.

All right, if I can …

Words are getting round – surprisingly quick – as a skandal is likely to do – and the walls are thinning like ice from the heat of our greed. Soon we are like fish in a bowl. –
I like to haul a blanket on the floor, that hardness of the tiles under my back. I know it’s hell for him down on his knees, but he won’t notice his attention’s a lack. Please let me see you with my hands to have you later – once your gone. Fingered examinations
a sensation for oblivion.

All right, if I can ….

music & lyrics: Dirk Hinterlang