Cabriolet      <<play>>

first-fruits production 2006:
voc Brigitte, guitars Dirk, keys Beate, bass Oliver, drums progr. Oliver

Cruising and strolling out in the sunshine,flat screen and data left in the shade,tuned in for Fabios slippy announcements, the sound of his voice and the music he plays -. Asking Sabrina to join me - in my cabriolet, meeting some friends by the lake shore a peck on the cheek and a café au lait --.
Up to the slopes of Monte Castello,down through the groves in the valley below, feeling the dampness an the cold of the river: a circuitous route, but it’s really a show --. And while Sabrina is steering – my beetle cabriolet, I’m looking up through the tree tops -, a glimpse of sky and a golden sun ray --!
Don’t let those pen-pushers, baby, determine your way, ’cause they don’t know the first thing about spinning along in a cabriolet -!

Cruising and strolling out in the sunshine – spinning along in my cabriolet.

music & lyrics: Dirk Hinterlang