Won't You  <<play>>

Probenmitschnitt: voc Dirk, guit Dirk / Wilhelm, keys Benni, bass Markus, drums Klaus

won’t you wear your hair dandelion coloured
won’t you wear your shirt with inverted collar
won’t you read those books on demonology and
(won’t you) set out with the dregs of humanity

won’t you bang about ‘nd
shout them down and
meet them with an ingenuous smile?!

won’t you dub your mother “sneaky harridan” and
won’t you screw your teacher – if you can?

won’t you get your bike, riding for a fall (and)
won’t you keep a lookout for a nasty brawl
won’t you slum around the block for a dollar-deal and
seek salvation from that jagged pill

won’t you risk your neck just
for the kick of it and
meet their warnings with an innocent air?!

won’t you set her off again, though shut down for safety,
‘nd flak the insurance premium: “That’s not fair!?”

won’t you smear the ladies’(john) with obscene graffitis
won’t you cut initials to an old oak tree (and)
won’t you have your baby get that tattoo too and
sign her school desk with a portrait of you?

won’t you try to make yourself
unforgettable and
show your contempt if they won’t defy your stare?!

won’t you provide for offspring for all eternity:
‘cause immortality is - what you gain?!

music & lyrics: Dirk Hinterlang