easy prey  <<play or download>>

<<live May 20, 2017>>

Probenmitschnitt: voc Dirk, guit Dirk / Wilhelm, keys Benni, bass Markus, drums Klaus

he won't be playing fair

tries to get you laid in his secret lair

once he has gone and done his dirty things on you

you are simply left behind like a two-timed fool

            you are easy prey  

he’ll pull deceitful strings

dazzling silly little girls with fake diamond rings

and if you venture deep into the lion’s den

no wonder you’ll be held in captivity and then …

         you are easy prey

that you are on bad terms with him

I don’t understand, don’t quite comprehend

he’s only taking me out tonight

(he’s) a young nobleman, don’t you understand?

we’re only seeing some friends, we’re not out in the wilderness,

we’re not mischievous

he will be driving me home

and that’s the only time, we  are alone …

his smell just turns me hot

he always puts his finger on the perfect spot

he is way cool and make’s me burn like fire

close to his skin I feel like wired

            what‘s that supposed to say?

how you can be on good terms with him -

I don’t understand, don’t quite comprehend!

he’s only taking you out -

you’re not in the wilderness -  that’s ridiculous!

You are going to be laid the very minute you lose control

no one saves our soul!  Yeah, he’s a Noble young gentleman  - who gently knows he can ....

music: Wilhelm Mellmann;  lyrics: Dirk Hinterlang