heavenly arrival  <<play or download>>

Probenmitschnitt: voc Dirk, guit Dirk, bass Udo, drums Georg

║: you’re a heavenly arrival touched down right across the road :║
close to my humble abode
a high place to lay down my load

║: I don’t need nobody t’ give proof that you’re divine :║
(those) rows of blond hair show up fine
I can see from your look you’re benign

║: I’m a sucker for angels a sucker for love divine :║
hoist up a cherubic sign!
(and) drive out my spirits malign

║: to be this close to heaven‘s drivin’ me insane :║
salvation lives right ‘cross the lane
any try for temptation’s in vain

words & music: Dirk Hinterlang, 2006